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Politics of Fur - Una with Tiger (PHOTOS

A comedic narrative feature about Una, a powerful music executive, who lives with her manservant Dick and her pet tiger cub Baby, in a feminist re-working of the melodramatic film.

"Dialogue is witty, presentation both rigorously direct and near surreal"

- Variety, Dennis Harvey

"Nix exploits all the motifs of contemporary LA culture but avoids any hint of naturalism: the movie is a theatrical, marvelously brittle exploration of style, and the conceit of studied knowingness"

- Time Out London, Frances Williams

"Laura Nix's debut delivers a swift kick in the face of queer cinema...This scrappy indie is an unexpectedly sharp examination of romantic vanities, collapsing co-dependency, and the iconography of new millennium lifestyle chic."

- Film Comment, Nathan Lee


2002 |  FEATURE  |   76 MIN 

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